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german assault pioneers

Just finished some brave Aryans ready to fight for the Vaterland. These are Battlefront’s GE884 ‘Oberfeldwebel Schmidt with Assault Troop Grenadierkompanie’. They turned out good, even with the splinter camo on some of the helmets. When I paint splinter camo, my secret is to just paint brown branches with green leaves. Probably not exact but…

By Wiznard January 7, 2019 0

sassanid levy foot

Over the busy holidays I have managed to find some time for myself and finished another unit. This is some Sassanid Persian levy foot from the War and Empire range by Forged in Battle. The product code is WE-PS 8. Great sculpts, pretty clean, nicely proportioned. Six different figs not including the two command, no…

By Wiznard December 30, 2018 0