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stripping ur minis (while cleaning the airbrush)

Inevitably over the course of a hobby infused life, mistakes are made, new ideas are to be tried and old abominations are too be expunged. In the distant past stripping minis of their paint was a long, slow, toxic nuisance. Using new technology, specifically an appropriately sized ultrasonic cleaner all those old problems are eliminated.…

By Wiznard August 3, 2019 0

mount ur minis for painting

Now that your minis are prepped the next step is painting. We want to be able to hold our work ergonomically, with minimal hand strain, low cost, conducive to assembly line orderliness, and in such a way that the work is secure and safe yet still easily removed. I’ve tried all the different ways, starting…

By Wiznard January 14, 2019 0

prep ur minis for paint

I will now endeavour to describe and detail the steps, tools and methods I use to turn a leadpile into an army. This is in no way an attempt to say that this is the only way, the best way or the fastest way. This is merely my way. My way is designed to make…

By Wiznard January 1, 2019 0