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mount ur minis for painting

Now that your minis are prepped the next step is painting. We want to be able to hold our work ergonomically, with minimal hand strain, low cost, conducive to assembly line orderliness, and in such a way that the work is secure and safe yet still easily removed. I’ve tried all the different ways, starting…

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the mill

Heroic figure manufacturer Peter Pig hoists the torch high, proclaiming inevitable 15mm ascendancy with his evangelizing new web magazine ‘the Mill’. The first edition just released like mana in the desert. 15mm gamers are truly in a golden age. Check out the link below and bask in the glow. All hail Peter Pig!

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german assault pioneers

Just finished some brave Aryans ready to fight for the Vaterland. These are Battlefront’s GE884 ‘Oberfeldwebel Schmidt with Assault Troop Grenadierkompanie’. They turned out good, even with the splinter camo on some of the helmets. When I paint splinter camo, my secret is to just paint brown branches with green leaves. Probably not exact but…

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prep ur minis for paint

I will now endeavour to describe and detail the steps, tools and methods I use to turn a leadpile into an army. This is in no way an attempt to say that this is the only way, the best way or the fastest way. This is merely my way. My way is designed to make…

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sassanid levy foot

Over the busy holidays I have managed to find some time for myself and finished another unit. This is some Sassanid Persian levy foot from the War and Empire range by Forged in Battle. The product code is WE-PS 8. Great sculpts, pretty clean, nicely proportioned. Six different figs not including the two command, no…

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khurasan’s louis xiv

2019 is shaping up to be a great year for 15mm wargamers. The forged in battle, war and empire III dark ages range is set to release soon. Very exciting, the sculpts look great. Now khurasan has been slowly leaking pics to what looks to be a very extensive range. Here is all the pics…

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old vs new

Like many of my generation, my first experience of toy soldier wargaming was through games workshop. I feel no ill will towards gw, in fact I have more than a little gratitude. Has gw changed? Obviously, and so have I. After discovering girls and the blinding lust of young adulthood became a memory, I returned…

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what is not going on here?

There will be no long discourses on rules, that is better left to those who care more about such things than I.  I play to merely have fun. This is not the place to come if you’re interested in skirmish gaming. ¬†My interest is in armies. ¬†Currently there is not much 28mm gaming going on…

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