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not dead, no china virus

Hey y’all did ya miss me? jk. I’m quite aware more bots are prolly reading this blog than actual people but whatevs. It’s true I have been doing other stuff rather than painting and gaming. Once the lockdown lifted I seized the moment to finish off a 1:1 scale project, turning our storage room into…

By Wiznard October 5, 2020 2

sassanid savaran medium cavalry

Not sure why it took me so long to finish these, probably I’ve been distracted with all the burning, looting, rioting and iconoclasm. It really can’t be overstated, fuck BLM and anti-fa’s pozzed bullshit. It’s all so tiresome. Regardless, here is what I have been working on. These are more of Forged in Battles Sassanid…

By Wiznard August 3, 2020 0

delvian general on ice spider

So to finish off one of my 15mm Kings of War armies I needed one more unit. This is from Battle Valor Games Delvian line, I’m assuming they are some type of high elf, of the ice variety? Whatevs, with an appropriate paint job he’ll fit in perfectly with my Blood Born army. It was…

By Wiznard June 19, 2020 0

german kradschutzen (motorcycle)

I almost lost heart on these guys. But I persevered and now couldn’t be happier or more proud of myself, it really is the little things in life sometimes. Thank heavens for block painting, I don’t think I could have done it with the old method, at least without wrecking my eternal soul. I think…

By Wiznard June 13, 2020 2

sassanid cataphracts

Work continues on my 15mm Ancients Sassanid army. I think they came out great and prove the propriety and virtue of block painting. I’m able to finish about a stand a week (typically 5 days, a couple of hours a day) and that is even painting slow while being neat and meticulous. Speed painting I…

By Wiznard May 14, 2020 0

sassanid war elephants

Nothing like the feeling of completing a bunch of cheesy, whine inducing, death star making, min/maxing, rage quitting filth! jk. Here are some War and Empire 15mm Ancients Sassanid war elephants from Forged in Battle. Cool models, fun to make and paint. I’m glad I had some spare infantry to tart up the bases a…

By Wiznard April 19, 2020 0

armoured daylami warriors

Work continues on my 15mm Ancients Sassanian Persian army. The figs are Forged in Battle from their exemplar War and Empire range. These are well armoured daylami warriors, therefore really only suitable for the waning years of the Sassanid state before the Islamic storm swept them from history. Regardless they still look really cool and…

By Wiznard April 6, 2020 0

rebased sassanid light cavalry

Promise made, promise kept! Here for your perusal of block painted delectables; 15mm ancients from the War and Empire (W&E) range by Forged in Battle (FIB) some Sassanid Persian Light Cavalry. I’m really enjoying working on these guys, so up next is some Armoured Daylami warriors. Be strong brothers.

By Wiznard March 26, 2020 0

rebased sassanid light infantry

Here is some more block painted goodies with my new basing scheme in my trademark ‘classic’ style. I’m aware I said I was going to be rebasing my light cavalry but realized I have some light infantry to work on as well. These are some more of the 15mm ancients from the Forged in Battle…

By Wiznard March 17, 2020 0

german heavy support

Finished off these 15mm WWII Battlefront (Flames of War – fow) German heavy support units with some command stands recently. I probably could have fit the units on smaller bases and had them look better but instead chose to stick with the prescribed basing. I’m happy to get these fine folk finished, a nice distraction.…

By Wiznard March 13, 2020 0