Month: April 2020

sassanid war elephants

Nothing like the feeling of completing a bunch of cheesy, whine inducing, death star making, min/maxing, rage quitting filth! jk. Here are some War and Empire 15mm Ancients Sassanid war elephants from Forged in Battle. Cool models, fun to make and paint. I’m glad I had some spare infantry to tart up the bases a…

By Wiznard April 19, 2020 0

armoured daylami warriors

Work continues on my 15mm Ancients Sassanian Persian army. The figs are Forged in Battle from their exemplar War and Empire range. These are well armoured daylami warriors, therefore really only suitable for the waning years of the Sassanid state before the Islamic storm swept them from history. Regardless they still look really cool and…

By Wiznard April 6, 2020 0