Month: September 2019

hellian rhino riders

I just finished a new unit for my 15mm fantasy army. These are Battle Valor Games Hellian Rhino riders. If it is not clear let me state up front, I prefer fantasy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Don’t get me wrong I grew up on ‘the Tolkien’ and still love the books and would…

By Wiznard September 26, 2019 0

vampirian mounted spearmen

While I have been busy at work painting up the Hellian mounted spearmen I reckoned now would be a good time to show off some earlier work. Therefore here is some of Battle Valor Games 15mm Vampirian mounted spearmen. I don’t quite remember why I replaced the spears with metal, oh well I must have…

By Wiznard September 15, 2019 0

hellian mounted bowmen

Just finished a new unit of Hellian mounted bowmen. They are 15mm from Battle Valor Games. The minis themselves are pretty cool, they are break-waist style minis and sadly only come with one horse sculpt. These are the Bluemoon/Old Glory horses, definitely not my favourite. When the horses are armoured I think they look OK…

By Wiznard September 1, 2019 0