contrast paint test (and a rant)

contrast paint test (and a rant)

August 10, 2019 2 By Wiznard

As previously stated I got some of Games Workshops new Contrast Paints. I must admit to being very impressed and I think the results speak for themselves. The best part is how fast they work. That being said they are not a ‘slap on the paint’ type product. Each colour must be placed very precisely, not very user friendly for beginners who are just learning brush control. I found they didn’t work well for metallics, and this guy was painted with a typical three layer method for the metals. This particular ACW guy has one sparing highlight applied on some of the colours but not all. The pants for instance are just straight contrast paint.

Are these paints good enough to make you start painting larger minis again? Maybe… right now though my current plans haven’t changed.

Will you use contrast paints to paint 15mm? Maybe… right now though my current plans haven’t changed.

What is the problem with the Contrast paints? I find they make the miniatures dark, but this is not just a problem for contrast paints but for any painting style that tends towards realism. Whenever you have shadows (i.e. dark areas) on a small surface, the surface ends up looking dark. The only solution I have found is block painting. Which is not to say I don’t use dark colours, sometimes dark colours are historically accurate and therefore necessary.

It will be interesting to see these paints percolate through the community. The last comparable method-paint to do so was ‘the dip’. What a disaster that was, all of a sudden armies became like looking through a dark brown filter! To this day I still see peoples before and after pictures and cringe. “Oh look, here are some old minis. I’m sure dipping them in this dark brown sludge will make them look just great!” No it doesn’t make them look great, it makes them look dark brown. “Don’t you see silly, this brown sludge has covered up my mistakes!” I never saw the mistakes, that is your hang-up. Your old, ‘innocent’ paint job was good enough, pure in intent and actually looked better on the tabletop. Harumph.