Month: August 2019

german ss – plane tree camo

I’m proud to announce a new unit ready for the war-games tabletop. These are some of Battlefronts (Flames of War) 15mm German SS. They are an excellent and diverse set of sculpts probably soon to be replaced by the new pseudo-plastic resin Battlefront has been doing all their new infantry in. I have not tried…

By Wiznard August 20, 2019 0

contrast paint test (and a rant)

As previously stated I got some of Games Workshops new Contrast Paints. I must admit to being very impressed and I think the results speak for themselves. The best part is how fast they work. That being said they are not a ‘slap on the paint’ type product. Each colour must be placed very precisely,…

By Wiznard August 10, 2019 2

stripping ur minis (while cleaning the airbrush)

Inevitably over the course of a hobby infused life, mistakes are made, new ideas are to be tried and old abominations are too be expunged. In the distant past stripping minis of their paint was a long, slow, toxic nuisance. Using new technology, specifically an appropriately sized ultrasonic cleaner all those old problems are eliminated.…

By Wiznard August 3, 2019 0