old vs new

old vs new

December 20, 2018 0 By Wiznard

Like many of my generation, my first experience of toy soldier wargaming was through games workshop. I feel no ill will towards gw, in fact I have more than a little gratitude. Has gw changed? Obviously, and so have I.

After discovering girls and the blinding lust of young adulthood became a memory, I returned to the hobby. I point this out not because I believe my experience is unique but because it is probably something we share. When I returned, obviously the first place I (re)started was painting my gw stuff that had languished in a closet those many years. Soon I was online looking for new stuff to buy when I discovered, what can only be described as a shit storm of information on painting, basing, tools, techniques, different manufacturers etc. I had only ever dreamed of painting anything approaching white dwarf levels of quality, but here was the internet providing actual step by step detailed instructions.

Fast forward a couple of years, and my work started approaching what I considered ‘non-embarrassing’. Predictably, all this time my lead mountain grew and grew. I casually started estimating at my current output levels, when would my current projects be done? Never! Wut! Fuck!

Well changes were going to have to be made. The first change was settling on a single scale. Having the same army in multiple scales is retarded. Having terrain for different scales is both time consuming, and a waste of space. The second change was simplifying my painting technique.

I will elucidate further on my new technique in future posts, for now lets compare the old method with the new.

old method tank, internet confirmed proper tank painting technique
new method tank, simple block-painted purity
old method infantry – 3 colour Foundry/Dallimore highlights with complicated/realistic basing
new infantry method – block painted with simple flocked base
comparison from the gamers perspective

Now I’m not saying the old way is bad, just time consuming. In my experience the old, internet approved method takes approximately four times longer. Therefore, in the time it took me to paint one army I can now paint four.

This silly insight, which I can hardly take credit for, now means my dreams are attainable. This is no small thing.