what is not going on here?

December 19, 2018 0 By Wiznard

There will be no long discourses on rules, that is better left to those who care more about such things than I.  I play to merely have fun.

This is not the place to come if you’re interested in skirmish gaming.  My interest is in armies.  Currently there is not much 28mm gaming going on here.  I typically wargame in 15mm and boardgames.  15mm is designed for tabletop wargaming with armies in a reasonable (meaning middle-class accessible) space.  Where the castings are big enough to see, but the emphasis is not about showing personality but instead remains focused on revealing function. All that being said, I follow my whims and paint what I want, when I want.

This is not a safe space.  Wargaming is inherently conservative and dominated by men.  That is a good thing and shouldn’t be changed.  You won’t find here pleas and lamentations to make wargaming more open, tolerant or welcoming to the opposite sex.  Men must retain spaces to behave as men with men, free from female civilizing censorship and school marm attitudes towards violence, glory and war.

This is not safe for work, this is play for men.